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Fine mesh pots were invented by Anglo Aquatic Plant and trademarked Finofil®. Although others have copied, Finofil® are still the highest quality aquatic pot available, hence they are used by growers around the entire world. They are now world renowned. Their invention eliminates the need for Hessian while still allowing water to circulate through the soil bringing essential oxygen and nutrients to the plant.

Wholesale and Export.

Our pots are supplied on Euro or standard pallets. The majority of UK and European customers are supplied on Euro pallets, whereas the rest of the world tends to take standard pallets as these are larger and stacked to 2.2 m high, maximising space usage in containers and minimising transport costs.

Garden centres

We supply Euro pallet pot displays or loose pots in 10s and 100s. We can ship these by overnight courier or with your plant order.


Some companies have copied our pots, but due to our copy rights have always made modifications that are detrimental to the design. Some have narrower bases making them less stable, others are partially solid walled reducing the flow of water and hence oxygen to the roots of the plants.

The superior strength of the Finofil pot virtually eliminates broken pots on nurseries. Broken pots cost time and money to clear up and replace, hence most other UK aquatic growers buy their pots from us. We supply individual pallets to full shipping containers around the world. Just check the bottom of the pot for the Finofil® logo.

Product Code PalletSize in cmShape VolumeNo on Euro palletNo on Standard Container
POTCON 46 x 17 x 15 contour 8 litre 6001800
POTHEX 18 x 18 x 16 hexagonal 3 litre 15003750
POTR14 14 dia x 10 round 1 litre 33759000
POTR17 17 dia x 13 round 2 litre 16504200
POTR23 23 dia x 13 round 3.5 litre 7502000
POTS 9 9 x 9 x 10 square 0.5 litre 780021560
POTS11 11 x 11 x 11 square 1 litre 540014400
POTS19 19 x 19 square 2 litre 21604950
POTS20 20 x 20 x 9 square 2.5 litre 24005000
POTS24 24 x 24 x 14 square 5 litre 12003200
POTS29 29 x 29 x 19 square 10 litre 6002100
POTS40 40 x 40 x 28 square 30 litre 360600

Handles sold in 50s or boxes of 1000. We also sell carry trays for 6 x 1 ltr plants (POTS11) or 8 x 9cm plants (POTS9)

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